Mónica Pinto

The artist-designer Mónica Pinto was born in 1977 in the north of Spain, Galicia, and spent most of her childhood between Spain and the north of Portugal, now has her own studio in Sintra, Portugal. She is graduated in Fine Art, Decorative Painting, Restoration, Faux Effets and Frescoes at Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation and at the School of Restoration and Recovery Heritage and Drawing in the National Society of Fine Arts.

Driven by her own vision and passion, where her memories are an integral part of her imagery are nouns such as memory, history, poetry, and shapes that build and define her personal and daily universe. In 2016 she decides to launch her own brand MOKKI Design. For her “Design is the translation of Art through a conscient thinking of everything which makes our environment more special” and so, in all the lighting pieces and objects she creates we can perceive and breath a narrative of emotions, memories and experiences, never designed as just lamps or objects but rather stories.